Land Of Bitcoin – auto earn without doing anything

17 Nov

Just found another great site for earning free bitcoin, and would like to share with all of you. The site is named Land Of Bitcoin, and the greatest thing of this site is that, you do not need to do anything to earn bitcoin. You just need to register for a new account, and then wait.

After you log into your new accoutn, you will be directed to the page as captured as below. You will found that the blue horizontal status bar on the top-right hand corner keep auto counting. Even you didn’t do anything. That is how you earn bitcoin from Land Of Bitcoin. You just need to wait the blue bar to increase, and so do the bitcoin value.

Whenever the bitcoin value is positive, you can click on the Cashout button to get paid. Even you only got 0.00000006 as captured in the picture below, you can still cashout.

land of bitcoin - auto earn without doing anything

But, if the cashout amount is too small, the payment is still delayed as a pending payment. Once you have got 0.0001 bitcoin, the pending amount will be sent to your bitcoin wallet!

Land Of Bitcoin - Earn Bitcoin by doing nothing

That’s it! No need to click ads, no need to enter security code, you just need to login and let your computer wait. Bitcoin will come in by itself.

The site also has some referrals to other free bitcoin earning site. You may try on it if you are free.

Now, if you are interested on earning easy bitcoin, click on the link below and register!

Advertisements – successful payment with payment proof

17 Nov

Previously we have introduce a good site which let us earn free bitcoins, which is CoinAd. Now, let’s introduce another good site,

Compare with CoinAd, is much more simple. You only need to login, and click on the ‘Roll’ button. You can then got a random number, which is mapped to how much bitcoin you will earn. You may refer to the payout table to check how much you can earn. For example, in the captured picture below, if you roll a dice with number in between 0 & 9885, you will earn 0.00001. - interface playing result

Payment Proof allow user to group the pending earnings and pay at once. Few days ago, pay all the pending earnings on Monday. But it seems to changed to pay at certain threshold (0.00005460 BTC), we still need some time to see if the threshold is still changing.

imageYou may refer to the pic below for the payment proof of


Personnally I quite recommend as it is very simple, no need to enter long security code.

If you want to join, you may refer to the link below:


CoinAd – free bitcoin provider with best payout rate

17 Nov

Remember when bitcoin start being launched, there is only one way to get bitcoin, to mine. However after year’s of transformation, multiple methods of earning bitcoin have been developed, such as mining in pools, mining with special hardware, exchange with currencies market,etc. Now we have another more simple method, using CoinAd.

CoinAd is a simple site, which allows registered members to earn bitcoin through watching ads, just for a few seconds! There are many other similar sites. Member input their wallet address, view some ads, and then earn bitcoin. No skills are required. Then why use CoinAd?

1. CoinAd outstands herself by a better payout rate. Other sites such as DailyBitcoins, you can earn bitcoin by simply entering a specified code (just to proof you are human but not robot, to prevent spamming attacks). However, although action is simple, but you need to spend a lot of time on it. The reason is that each time you can only earn 0.000003 bitcoin (it said large prize will be randomly generated, but I haven’t seen it before), then you need to wait for an hour to do it again. Therefore your earning per day is limited. On the other hand, CoinAd can generate more. It show a list of available ads per day, and what you need to do is just to wait click on which ad you want to watch, input a specified code, wait for a few seconds (normally not exceed 20 seconds) , and finish! The number of seconds and how much bitcoin you will get, are clearly specified. The vest thing is the payout rate is high, normally 0.000014. Payment threshold is 0.0003, which mean you only need to watch 21 ads to cashout! It’s quick! Right?


2. No time limit. CoinAd let members to view ads as soon as they want. There are not limit on the interval time in between two views, whereas DailyBitcoins need member to wait one hour after each click! So members need to keep monitoring and coming back each hour!

3. CoinAd’s interface are much better, and formal. This give us a more professional impression. Trust me, there are a lot of worse sites which even does not allow members to check our own balances!

4. The Ads shown are always related to bitcoin, which mean that if you read on it, you may get new information on bitcoin mining!

5. Affiliate program is available. Each time your direct referrals click on PTC (Paid-to-Click) advertisements, not only do they get paid but you get paid too.
You get from 10 to 20% of your referrals earning by clicking PTC advertisements.

Register to earn free bitcoin:

Simply click on the link below and register, you can then start by clicking ‘View Ads’ on the top!

Summer Nude – 人類潛能無限大!

7 Sep

戶田惠理香在Summer nude 中還真有活力, like!


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齊藤太太 第一季 vs 第二季,哪個較出眾?

7 Sep

最近的2013日春季日劇中, 觀月亞里沙的 齊藤太太 2, 可說是其中一個非常熱門的受歡迎作品。觀月亞里沙在劇中的正義感及熱血,不但吸引了年青人的眼球, 也引起了各位已為人母的太太們的共鳴。 這種熱情,由第一部的故事, 完美地延伸至第二季。



1. 兩季劇情極為相似。第一季齊藤太太因丈夫在外地工作,一人獨力照顧兒子潤一,同時在生活的城市中伸張正義。第二季則以搬家為背景,在新的城市中繼續對抗不合理的惡勢力。

2. 兩季的朋友都是純真而有開朗,外表我起來有點瘋癲,但也是努力的把自我強行壓下來,直到遇上齊藤太太才找會真我。 第一季的真野若葉,(Mimula飾)已很是瘋狂, 不料第二季的山內摩耶(桐谷美玲飾)更令人嘆為觀止!



1. 第一季的惡勢力黨更嚴重、更危險。由第一季第一集壞童黨出場,就已能帶出驚恐的緊張氣氛,而那個壞學生竟然還是什麼市長之類的兒子,危險情度更是再提升了。而且有一集,壞學生們還狠心地用spray 噴了觀月亞里沙的面。




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Summer Nude – 生銹了?

7 Sep

又是 Summer Nude.

其實筆者不是十分喜歡看 Summer Nude, 因為劇情太老套,沒新意. 如果沒有戶田惠理香, 跟本不會看.

但是, 不知是否因為大家都是年青人, 劇中的角色所遇到的問題及心境, 筆者卻是十分的了解.



像在Summer Nude EP1: 現代年輕人的常見問題,大感觸!中所說, 劇中的角色如山下智久及戶田惠理香, 也有著找不到自己的人生目標的情況, 既著急, 又無奈. 但太家都知道, 是需要進一步的行動.



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多啦A夢的縮小電筒出現在 Summer nude!

7 Sep

想不到 Summer Nude 會與多啦A夢 Cross Over.

劇中香里奈為了為山下智久打氣, 竟然出動了多啦A夢的縮小電筒!


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大面子車仔面專門店 Daimenko : 非一般的 車仔面 (灣仔區便宜食肆&傳統香港美食 )

2 Sep

數天前路過灣仔世紀酒店附近, 因太多人, 所以走到較少人的謝菲道附近. 無意中發現身旁有一間門面小小的食肆. 門面本身沒引起太大的注意, 反而是門外放了一個廣告牌, 印著大大的一碗 車仔面 , 才令筆者不其然留意了一下.


這間 車仔面 與一般 車仔面 檔不同的是那種令人感到它跟得上潮流的感覺. 原因是, 店內的餐牌是這個樣子的:


當我看到這個餐牌時還真是驚訝, 因為 車仔面 給人心中的型像是傳統的及舊式的食物, 餐牌通常都是手寫的, 或是油膩膩的. 但這個餐牌很乾淨清楚, 更印有英文的食物名字! 當要帶外地來的朋友在香港遊玩, 通常都是去海洋公園什麼的. 其實外國人想看的是香港的傳統吧… 下次帶他們來這個 車仔面 店, 才直的能讓他們親身體驗香港文化呢!


傳統的 車仔面 的湯底一般是以牛腩之類的肉製成, 比較肥膩, 油脂也較多. 可是這間大面子 車仔面 專門店, 用的卻是以十種蔬菜製成的清湯, 更是不加防腐劑的哦!



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29 Aug


當知道有朋友要去遠處旅行時, 你第一句是說 “買手信呀!”  還是 “給我寄明信片!” 呢?
原因是現在的年青新一代, “去旅行”只能令人聯想到”手信”.
明信片的世界, 在現代社會, 已不及從前興旺.
要探討明信片失勢的原因, 相信是明信片被商業化的原因. 現在即使是在文具店, 也能買到世界各地名勝的明信片. 各式各樣的明信片都有, 令新一代年青人都不覺得明信片是珍貴的.
其實, 明信片一點也不無聊! 大家只是沒花點時間看看那些 “不粗製濫造”的明信片.
看! 一般常見的明信片雖然有各地的明勝, 也有很多印著漂亮風景的. 但即使在漂亮, 也令人感覺不到新意.
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網上寫文章賺錢-Hubpages VS Bubblews 比較,哪個比個好?

28 Aug



現時的寫作賺錢網站實在多不勝數,今天來比較一下 hubpages 及 bubblews。

1. hubpages可說是這類網站的巨頭之一…


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