A little comment on wordpress.org plugin, a social auto poster

27 Nov

I’ve implemented a popular wordpress.org plugin, a social autoposter, to my site. I have some thoughts on it and would like to share them with all of you.

The plugin does support asutoposting to most of the social site, including facebook, twitter, tumblur, linked in, and other wordpress blogs. I have to say, this plugin really lives its name!

However, after using it, I found that the usage of this app is not that good. The social networks that I always use are facebook, twitter, tumbler, linked in, pinterest, digg.com and wordpress. The point is, the auto posting to facebook, twitter, tumbler and linked in are already supported by Jetpack, the original plugin used in and developed by wordpress.com. I need jetpack to get my site’s status, so why bother to install the social autoposter?

The only point I still need it is posting my blogpost to pinterest and other wordpress sites. For pinterest, unfortuantely, the plugin actually doesn’t support this feature. If you tried that, you should already known the pkugin will direct you to another page and tell you it doesn’t has aby API to support pinterest posting. That’s disappointed, right?

For the posting to other wordpress blog, it works, but it can only show the first few lines of your post. Other parts of the content are eliminated. Also, the plugin didn’t post a link point to your original article, so no one can read your whole original content.

That’s are some of my rough feeling after using the plugin. If you don’t agree and think I have missed some setup, please kindly leave a messageband advise!

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