E-book pricing

19 Jan

Making Book

Jeremy commented on the post Future book printing raising the question of e-book pricing.

I think we pretty much all believe at the moment that e-book revenue is additional to print revenue. Of course customers may stop supporting the printed book, and when they do we will have the problem Jeremy raises of amortizing our origination costs over sales of the e-book only. Even in today’s half-formed e-book world I think the problem is less than Jeremy fears. Most people who comment and agonize about e-book pricing are writing from the perspective of book buyers not book publishers. See for instance this article from Forbes on 14 January. There’s a lot of noise in these sorts of analyses created by self-published books — a boom industry now that it’s so easy to put your book out there in electronic form. The economics of self-publishing and regular publishing are wildly different…

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