A cheaper alternative of ‘For Dummies’ Series

23 Mar

No Dummies Series

Have you ever read the ‘For dummies’ book series?

I read it quite often, especially when I want to learn something new. It covers a lot of topics.

However, the books are quite expensive, and it took a lot of time to read one.

Therefore, I want to make something change.

Last year I have started an ebook series, which is named as ’24 Hours Learning Series’. The book series includes ebooks which is aimed to teach readers some topics within 24 hours. Topics includes Traditional Chinese Medicine, Online income, and more are coming.

What is ’24 Hours Learning Series’?
’24 Hours Learning Series’ is an ebook series which includes topics from different areas, such as online blogging, alternative healing methods, and more.

The aim of developing this ebook series, is to provide a way which let readers to improve their knowledge coverage in a short period of time, which is 24 hours, and through a cheap way.

Teenagers in my country have quite a boring life. They spend half a day for school, and go back home for computer games at night. Adults’ life sucks too, as there are no maximum limit of working hours, they spend whole they just to work. If you asked them what are your interests or hobbies, they just don’t know.

Therefore, I would like to develope a series of books which let people learn a specific topic in 24 hours. Even though they didn’t have a very deep understanding on the topic of reading the books, they can still get the basic knowledge and have a chance to feel if this is their interest.

Also, to let people read learn about more topics, all the books ar sold in very low prices, from USD 0.99 -2.99. I hope these can benifit to some people, at least in my country.

I need your help!
If you are interested to help, please help to :

1. like and share this post to everyone you know. This increase the chances of getting some fundings for the development of this book series


2. Kindly click th link below to help improve the page view and ranking of my funding campaign!


Your help will determine the future development of the book series!


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