Just tried FlyingV

18 Apr

If you have read my previous posts, you may already know that I want to try on some group funding site besides of Indiegogo.

Few weeks ago, I found FlyingV, which is a funding site of Taiwan. It seems that it is very popular site in Asia as there are only a few similar sites in Asia, which support Chinese usage.

Flying V satisfied most of my needs, but I finally didn’t continue on the campaign creation. There are 2 reasons.

1. A introducing video is a MUST. This is much difficult than some proper pics!

2. It run the ‘All or nothing’ model. This mean if your funding doesn’t high enough to reach your goal, you get nothing, which is quite different than Indidgogo(you can choose to get money even you didn’t reach your goal).

So, I’ve given up Flying V. But if you are trying, please kindly leave me a comment and tell what you feel!


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