Impressive Ideas – Energy By Water – New Solution For Renewable Energy

27 Apr

I am searching for details about conspiracy these days, and I found this interesting thing- Energy by Water.

Generating energy through water is not a new topic, but I am impressed by the presentation skills of the product owner. That’s why I keep on reading the details of his product.

Then, I found that this product owner is trying to tell us not to how to the energy companies. Instead, generate our own product. This makes me think of some topics about conspiracy.

Here is how he describes his ‘machine’:

Here’s how it works:

1. With a PMT system, your home-based water generator needs only a small “jump start” to begin moving.

2. Then, using fundamental principles of physics, the system uses its own momentum, to create a powerful self-sustaining energy “cycle.”

3. It creates the energy you need while at the same time takes a little of that energy to power itself.

The result: A perfect balance between energy creation for you AND using usage by the system to keep itself running.

It doesn’t get any more fantastic than that!
Now, you can finally redefine the way your household power is being created.
You can control your energy production for the first time ever!

If you are interested on the product, you may refer to the site below for the owner’s presentation:


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