Supermoon – Closest to the moon

23 Jun


Supermoon is a natural event, which a new moon or full moon happens, and the moon has the closest distance between the Moon and the Earth on the elliptical orbit. When a supermoon occurs we can see the largest size of the moon on Earth.

Supermoon comes up once per year, and this is a super astrology event. It leads to a series of natural phenomenons, which affect the ocean, the crustal tides, etc. Sometimes it may increase the possibility on earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

In some of the counties such as China, people pay so much attention to the moon which their whole country has a public holiday (named Mid-Autumn festival as Chinese believes that the clearest full moon happens at Mid Autumn) and all citizens can have a free holiday to enjoy watching the moon with their friends and family. To these countries, supermoon is a super hot event!

Supermoon of 2012 is temporary the largest supermoon I have even known. You may….

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