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Land Of Bitcoin – auto earn without doing anything

17 Nov

Just found another great site for earning free bitcoin, and would like to share with all of you. The site is named Land Of Bitcoin, and the greatest thing of this site is that, you do not need to do anything to earn bitcoin. You just need to register for a new account, and then wait.

After you log into your new accoutn, you will be directed to the page as captured as below. You will found that the blue horizontal status bar on the top-right hand corner keep auto counting. Even you didn’t do anything. That is how you earn bitcoin from Land Of Bitcoin. You just need to wait the blue bar to increase, and so do the bitcoin value.

Whenever the bitcoin value is positive, you can click on the Cashout button to get paid. Even you only got 0.00000006 as captured in the picture below, you can still cashout.

land of bitcoin - auto earn without doing anything

But, if the cashout amount is too small, the payment is still delayed as a pending payment. Once you have got 0.0001 bitcoin, the pending amount will be sent to your bitcoin wallet!

Land Of Bitcoin - Earn Bitcoin by doing nothing

That’s it! No need to click ads, no need to enter security code, you just need to login and let your computer wait. Bitcoin will come in by itself.

The site also has some referrals to other free bitcoin earning site. You may try on it if you are free.

Now, if you are interested on earning easy bitcoin, click on the link below and register!



Freebitcoin.in – successful payment with payment proof

17 Nov

Previously we have introduce a good site which let us earn free bitcoins, which is CoinAd. Now, let’s introduce another good site, Freebitcoin.in.

Compare with CoinAd, Freebitcion.in is much more simple. You only need to login, and click on the ‘Roll’ button. You can then got a random number, which is mapped to how much bitcoin you will earn. You may refer to the payout table to check how much you can earn. For example, in the captured picture below, if you roll a dice with number in between 0 & 9885, you will earn 0.00001.

freebitcoin.in - interface

freebitcoin.in- playing result

Payment Proof

Freebitco.in allow user to group the pending earnings and pay at once. Few days ago, Feebitco.in pay all the pending earnings on Monday. But it seems to changed to pay at certain threshold (0.00005460 BTC), we still need some time to see if the threshold is still changing.

imageYou may refer to the pic below for the payment proof of freebitcoin.in.


Personnally I quite recommend freebitcoin.in as it is very simple, no need to enter long security code.

If you want to join, you may refer to the link below:



CoinAd – free bitcoin provider with best payout rate

17 Nov

Remember when bitcoin start being launched, there is only one way to get bitcoin, to mine. However after year’s of transformation, multiple methods of earning bitcoin have been developed, such as mining in pools, mining with special hardware, exchange with currencies market,etc. Now we have another more simple method, using CoinAd.

CoinAd is a simple site, which allows registered members to earn bitcoin through watching ads, just for a few seconds! There are many other similar sites. Member input their wallet address, view some ads, and then earn bitcoin. No skills are required. Then why use CoinAd?

1. CoinAd outstands herself by a better payout rate. Other sites such as DailyBitcoins, you can earn bitcoin by simply entering a specified code (just to proof you are human but not robot, to prevent spamming attacks). However, although action is simple, but you need to spend a lot of time on it. The reason is that each time you can only earn 0.000003 bitcoin (it said large prize will be randomly generated, but I haven’t seen it before), then you need to wait for an hour to do it again. Therefore your earning per day is limited. On the other hand, CoinAd can generate more. It show a list of available ads per day, and what you need to do is just to wait click on which ad you want to watch, input a specified code, wait for a few seconds (normally not exceed 20 seconds) , and finish! The number of seconds and how much bitcoin you will get, are clearly specified. The vest thing is the payout rate is high, normally 0.000014. Payment threshold is 0.0003, which mean you only need to watch 21 ads to cashout! It’s quick! Right?


2. No time limit. CoinAd let members to view ads as soon as they want. There are not limit on the interval time in between two views, whereas DailyBitcoins need member to wait one hour after each click! So members need to keep monitoring and coming back each hour!

3. CoinAd’s interface are much better, and formal. This give us a more professional impression. Trust me, there are a lot of worse sites which even does not allow members to check our own balances!

4. The Ads shown are always related to bitcoin, which mean that if you read on it, you may get new information on bitcoin mining!

5. Affiliate program is available. Each time your direct referrals click on PTC (Paid-to-Click) advertisements, not only do they get paid but you get paid too.
You get from 10 to 20% of your referrals earning by clicking PTC advertisements.

Register to earn free bitcoin:

Simply click on the link below and register, you can then start by clicking ‘View Ads’ on the top!



5 May









Waving Panda 站長怪叔叔曾把著手創作的小說放上網上供他人閱讀,但因內容涉及十八禁劇情而被禁封,心血就此白費。現與其他志同道合的網友自行建立Waving Panda, 讓各位愛創作的網友有機會自由發佈自己的作品的同時,也能互相交換意見,成就更好的作品。

根據站長的資料,Waving Panda 現平均每月流覽量達九十萬,以一個自行經營的網站而言,可謂十分受歡迎。Waving Panda 網址: http://www.wavingpanda.com

Glittery Aurora 002 發佈了!

28 Apr

號外! Glittery Aurora 微雜誌第二期今天發佈了!

本雜誌不收費, 請大家熱烈支持!

Glittery Aurora 002下載:

1. 十八禁的迷思
2 . 免費出版你自己的書籍
3. 讀者為首的交流區
4. 還有更多…
下載本雜誌沒有任何收費, 請大家踴躍支持

Glittery Aurora 002 發佈了!

28 Apr

號外! Glittery Aurora 微雜誌第二期今天發佈了!

本雜誌不收費, 請大家熱烈支持!

Glittery Aurora 002下載:

1. 十八禁的迷思
2 . 免費出版你自己的書籍
3. 讀者為首的交流區
4. 還有更多…
下載本雜誌沒有任何收費, 請大家踴躍支持!

現代式自家創業- 一個ongoing的例子

22 Apr

說到’現代創業’, 這題目可說是適合任何女性。如果你忙到飯也沒時間吃,那創業可能是能正面改善你生活的方法; 如果你手頭上的活完成後還有時間,創業可能可以提高你的收入。

常聽到人家說創業風險高,容易破產或蝕身家, 筆者不是不同意,只是這已不是現在的情況。以前創業,至少也要數十萬成本,因為租舖位所費不非,購買裝備如餐廳煮食爐等也令人’大出血’。不少人創業也是靠融資。



筆者自己也對創業有所體會。筆者剛踏入社會打工時,以為上班後公司會有人教你要如何做。但其實並沒有人會教你,公司只會說’你要做什麼’, 而不會告訴你’要如何做’。中間如何做到那件事,完全自由發揮。但所謂的自由發揮,到最後又要經上司批准,而上司通常都是不批準的了。如果你再問’那我應該如何做才對?’,上司又會叫你’自由發揮’。與其這樣不自由地發揮,為什麼不考慮創業達至真正自由?至少我能做我認為最好的,失敗了也無怨無悔。


Glittery Aurora的創業模式

筆者小時候常被灌輸’要努力工作賺錢’ 及’只要肯努力,就能升職加薪’的概念。在想像未來的理想工作情況時,腦海出現的是’因為努力而升職做管理’及 ‘彈性上班時間’。但長大後發現這些想法在現在的香港社會挺難自然發生。

首先’努力工作就能升職加薪’這個理論本來就不對,香港靠努力工作就能由低層人員做上高級管理的人,真的十隻手指就能數完。大部份高層人員都是依靠人脈,以’空降’的方式取得管理級的職位。所以’多勞多得’的說法其實不合理。加上高層職位早被壟斷佔據,哪有低層人士升職的空間?而且,香港現時除了做自由工作者(freelance), 極少有彈性上班時間的工作。由於高層都是’空降’的關係,他們並不懂得公司的日常運作,所以不會實際地動手做工作,只會’發施號令’。所以下屬們的工作量極多,彈性上班時間不可能出現。


因為成本不多,也不敢拿出積蓄來冒險,筆者在網上不斷尋找不用成本的賺錢方式。過往數年一直再找,但能賺到的錢並不多。直到最近android 及iphone變成一種潮流,Amazon的Kindle app開通並讓獨立作者銷售自己的電子書,筆者的創業之路開始見到曙光。


經過電子書出版上的成功,筆者對出版事業開始有興趣。但不論電子書還是傳統書籍的出版都有一個問題,就是與讀者的交流相對少,只能透過社交網站如facebook, 網上討論區或電郵接觸到讀者,而讀者的想法並不可能加入已完成的書中。


於是筆者開始了第二次的創業之路, 在這裏分享一下本雜誌的營運模式:


但以現時筆者的一人之力,並不能找到足夠的廣告。於是筆者想到另一個辦法,就是參考affiliate marketing。

Affiliate marketing 本來就是找其他人幫自己找顧客並銷售貨品。舉例來說,A君要售出他的肥皂,但沒有顧客光顧,他也沒餘錢做宣傳。採用Affiliate marketing的話, A君能找B及C君幫忙做免費的宣傳。當有客人D君透過B君買A君的肥皂時,A君就能賺到錢。因為B君幫助了A君,A君便要把肥皂的售價(如$10)的一部份(如$2)回贈給B君,可謂’雙贏’。而C君因沒能促成訂單,A君就不用給予回報。對A君來說,這是很不錯的宣傳方式,收到宣傳效果之餘,只需在真的收到訂單後才要付出費用,確保付出的錢與收入成正比。






20 Apr

不知道大家信不信星座性格分析呢? 我個人遇過的大部份的人,都符合星座分析結果。雖然不是100% 準確,但想深入認識一個人時,也有其參考價值。

筆者本人是典型雙子座。雙子座嚮往自由,最不喜歡做自己不喜歡的事。大家可能會駁斥: “哪有人喜歡做自己不喜歡的事?”。雙子座特別在於對遇到不喜歡的事物,會渾身無力,甚至像”有蟻咬”一般。其他星座的的人可能會以錢或權利為目標而”頂硬上”,但雙子就不行。雙子座遇上討厭的事時所感受的痛,比其他人大數十倍。






1. 每個工作可用的時間極少:







2. 同事們大多數時間都在你推我讓




1. 我的上司 A
2. 我的上司 B
3. 我
4. 部門 C 的經理
5. 部門 D 的經理
6. 部門 C 及 D 的上級

最初,我的上司A要我的上司B去找另一間公司的資料,上司B就叫了我去做。我就連絡與該公司有接觸的部門C的經理,但她說沒有那麼多的資料,叫我問問部門D的經理。部門D的經理又說沒有,叫我問部門C及D的上司。那個上級剛好外出了,於是我發電郵給她。可笑的是,她把電郵轉發我的上司A,叫上司A找。上司A又轉發給上司B…… 互推責任,什麼都不關自己事,在事件上並無任何幫助。


Glittery Aurora 002 is coming

16 Apr

十分感激大家對創刊號的支持,Glittery Aurora即將出版第二期!



What do you want to know now?

14 Apr

Writing for a magazine is not easy. It is very difficult to know whay readers want to know!

So, tell me what interest you most! I’ll go to gather information for you!

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